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Ways To Get Involved At Your Loved One's Senior Care Community

How To Create Connections And Build Relationships

A transition to a senior living community can bring up various questions for seniors and their loved ones. Will they enjoy living at their new community? How long will it take them to adjust and feel comfortable? What is the role of family members as they start this new chapter?

Discover A Community Of Support

At Longleaf Bee Cave, families of residents are considered a vital part of our warm and welcoming community. Residents and staff alike look forward to the opportunity to get to know the families of other residents. Here are some helpful tips for all involved:

  1. Take time to visit with staff members and caregivers. Spending time with your loved one will certainly be your main priority, but you’ll both enjoy learning about the people around them at their new community. You’ll likely discover common ground by getting to know staff members and learning about their families, hobbies and aspirations.
  2. Help staff members get acquainted with your loved one. Take the opportunity to help caregivers learn about your loved one. The better they get to know your loved one, the better they are able to understand their care situation and needs. This could help them more easily identify changes in their health and well-being. Encourage your loved one to share about their background, family history, interests and preferences.
  3. Get involved at the community. Senior living communities are usually very open to family involvement. If you’re able to take part in community events, you’ll meet even more of your loved one’s neighbors and caregivers. If you have musical talents, you could volunteer to entertain residents on the piano or other instruments. Look into other volunteer opportunities, as well as family support groups. If you stay up-to-date with community communications, you’ll always know what’s on the schedule – and can help your loved one to get involved themselves.
  4. Make a plan for special occasions. In addition to community-hosted events, you can also plan your own events for or with your loved one. Ideas include bringing in treats for their birthday or anniversary or reserving a private dining room or gathering space for a special meal or party. Ideally you would be providing an opportunity for your loved one to interact with other residents and staff members.
  5. Schedule regular visits and communication. Above all, keeping in touch with your loved one gives them the familiarity and confidence they need to feel comfortable at a new community and in their new home environment. We know it can be difficult for long-distance family members to feel involved – but it is possible. At Longleaf Bee Cave, we’ll help facilitate the involvement of family members in any way we can.