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Planning Your Move To A Senior Living Community

Important Tips For Downsizing

If you’ve made the decision to move yourself or a loved one to a senior living community, it’s time to start the process of getting ready to move – but where do you start? We’ve put together some ideas that can help you prepare ahead of time and make for more a smooth transition to your new home.

Find An Inviting Community At Longleaf Bee Cave

During the months leading up to your move, there’s a lot you can be doing in order to get settled more quickly and easily – plus, you’ll be able to start enjoying your carefree retirement lifestyle right away.

  1. Create a timeline and a written plan.

Starting with your move-in date, work backwards to make a timeline for everything that needs to be accomplished and determine how much time to allocate for each task. You may find it helpful to use a binder to store all the important information for your move, including notes, to-do lists and deadlines. The binder can also hold all of your important papers, contact information and receipts so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of packing and moving.

  1. Choose what’s moving with you.

Try using the floor plan and measurements from your new apartment to make a potential layout and help decide which of your furniture will fit into your space along with other large items. Since you’ll likely be downsizing to a smaller space, make a plan for sorting through your belongings. Though the idea of downsizing may feel stressful, many retirees move into a smaller space and appreciate the simplified lifestyle – not to mention no longer cleaning or maintaining a larger home. You’ll need to enlist help and allow plenty of time to sort, organize and make decisions about everything you’re bringing to your new residence.

  1. Allow time to let go.

Unless circumstances require you to move in a hurry, make sure you give yourself enough time to process this life transition. It’s normal to experience a rollercoaster of emotions along the way. Making any big change can be difficult, including moving away from a place where you’ve built a lot of memories. Start by packing items that don’t have sentimental value so it’s easier to get started. And be sure to remind yourself of the benefits you’ll be reaping from the move: chef-prepared meals, opportunities to socialize with friends and make new ones, and a vibrant activity calendar to keep you active.

  1. Start writing your new chapter.

There are a few ways you can get a head start in feeling comfortable at your new senior living community. Request a time for your sales counselor to introduce you to staff and residents or join them for a meal. Ask about resident ambassadors or welcoming committees at your new community – they’re happy to can answer your questions, introduce you to other residents and help you start integrating into community life early. You could also try attending community events ahead of your move to help get to know your future neighbors. By the time you move in, you’ll feel right at home.

Longleaf Bee Cave – A Welcoming Retirement Community

Finding the right senior living community and taking the time to plan ahead can make all the difference. There are so many benefits of living at Longleaf – you’ll truly find a more uplifting lifestyle when you make the decision to move in, as well as the reassurance of dedicated care tailored to your needs.