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Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

How To Get Settled Into A New Community

Many aspects of moving can feel new and overwhelming; however, the more quickly you can make your new apartment feel like home, the more comfortable you will be.

Create Calm & Comfort For You Or Your Loved One

Here are a few simple ways you can bring touches of your personality into your apartment while getting acquainted with your new community:

  1. Check community guidelines. Once you’ve found the ideal community, you should check into any rules or recommendations the community has regarding changes to its residences. By doing so, you’ll know about any restrictions up front as you or your loved one gets settled in.
  2. Plan furniture according to layout and square footage. Using our floorplans, you can measure furniture and decide what pieces will best fit in your new space or determine new furniture you will want to find upon move-in.
  3. Show some personality in your décor. If moving into a smaller space, you’ll most likely need to pare down decorative pieces while at the same time bringing in your personal style. Many residents use familiar décor from their former home, while others choose a fun new theme or design – whatever makes you the most happy and comfortable!
  4. Incorporate photos and other memories. Every home needs some special keepsakes to make it unique. By displaying photos of family, friends and special memories, you’ll not only enjoy seeing their familiar faces but also be able to share your life experiences with those who visit your apartment.
  5. Find opportunities for new connections. Perhaps the most important part of feeling comfortable in your new community is getting to know the people around you. Dine in common areas with other residents, join community activities and get to know your neighbors. At Longleaf Bee Cave, everyone is welcoming and truly excited to meet new residents.
  6. Keep in touch. Even as you begin to meet new people at your community, you’ll want to stay connected to friends and family outside of your new home. Invite visitors to your new apartment and offer to show them around — and of course, introduce them to all your new friends and neighbors!
  7. Leave room for new memories. Once you get settled at your new community, you’ll certainly be making all kinds of new memories. You may create some new décor in art class, add new photos to your collection or find a new hobby or interest. The more involved you become, the more at home you will feel.

Although it’s normal to feel a little homesick in a new setting, the team at Longleaf Bee Cave is always here to help you feel settled and more comfortable. It also takes time to adjust. But by putting these tips to use, you’ll be living life to the fullest in your new home before you know it.